About Us

[stim-yuh-luhs]  – something that excites action, feeling and thought.


The Stimulus is an independent, self-funded grassroots initiative that focuses on working together with diverse local, state, and federal stakeholders dedicated to education, research, public policy, capacity development, health & wellness, emergency preparedness,  outreach, and community engagement.

Guided by a teamwork approach that is modular, flexible, and organic  we help to facilitate the development of an environment that nurtures learning, innovation, and collaboration that supports community focused endeavors dedicated to producing constructive solutions and improving access to resources.

We work with proactive individuals and organizations across multiple sectors who are also committed to producing S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives that can shift the paradigm and promote growth cooperatively.  As such much of he work that we do is behind the scenes by design, But this is example of one the  community-focused projects that we helped to facilitate:


Robeson County’s first NC Med Assist Over the Counter Medicine Giveaway on Friday January 27, 2017 |  The Stimulus developed the proposal for this event and then worked with strategic partners in the community to provide planning & logistical support.  As a result of our collective efforts and teamwork over 300 volunteers served 1,751 people, making it one of biggest OTC Giveaways in the state last year.  


Following the event  Ms. Tonia Harris with NC Med Assist wrote:

A special thank you to Jay Leggette who initiated contact and put all the right people together.  Jay, we sincerely appreciate your help and execution of the Robeson OTC Give Away Day.  We really are in awe of the partners you bring to the table, and most importantly your passion for the people we serve.”