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The Stimulus is an independent, self-funded grassroots initiative that focuses on working together with diverse local, state, and federal stakeholders dedicated to education, research, public policy, capacity development, health & wellness, outreach, community engagement, and emergency preparedness. 

Although we do occasionally accept payments from business clients depending on the scale of the project,  Most often  The Stimulus provides the following services free of charge as a labor of love in order to nurture learning, innovation, and collaboration that supports community focused projects: 

  • Project Management / Consulting
  • Research & Development
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Technical Writing &  Graphic Design
  • Public Speaking Engagements & Presentations

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If you would like to nurture the ability of The Stimulus to provide these services for community focused projects that Jay is currently working on,  please click the donate button below and select the payment of your choice.  Thank you for your Generosity and Support! 🙂